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“Just Another Typical Day at Hamaspik”

HamaspikCare Nurses Square Away Aide in Patient’s Home—from their Own Homes

August 12, '15

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

It was nearing the end of another average day at HamaspikCare, Hamaspik’s Joint Commission-certified home-care agency—you know, working hard to ensure that seniors and others don’t just get home health aides (HHAs) in their private residences, but professional and friendly ones who work well with them, too.

Sometime in the late afternoon of Thursday, July 16, after office staffers had already put in a good day’s work of fielding calls, resolving scheduling conflicts, answering member questions and otherwise keeping up the agency’s trademark excellence, a call came in to HamaspikCare’s downstate office in Brooklyn.

A patient needed an HHA in her home.  She lived in the Bronx.  It was after 4:00. 

It was not a problem.

New York City Scheduling Coordinator Ms. Esther Hoffman, Human Resources Coordinator Mrs. Raizel Mendlowitz, Human Resources Downstate Director Ben Kolman and Downstate Regional Director Mordechai Wolhendler had just pulled off getting five cases (three of which were new patients) covered when the call came in.

Needless to say, staff stayed on site until 7:00 p.m., Mr. Wolhendler tells the Gazette—working the phones to successfully cover the patient in need. 

Making that par-for-the-course dedication all the more impressive was the in-house side of it, and quite literally so.

Being after hours as it was when the bulk of the HHA placement unfolded, HamaspikCare Director of Patient Services Rena Milgraum, RN, accompanied by Field Nurse Sara Simchi, RN, worked out of their own homes on the case—juggling family life in one hand and the HamaspikCare call on the phone with the other.

Mrs. Milgraum and Mrs. Simchi communicated with the aide and each other, squaring away the patient’s paperwork via computer and phone and informing the patient that help was on the way.

Driving the successful HHA arrangement home was Brooklyn-based HamaspikCare Field Nurse Ahuva Chemtob, RN, who took the reins from nurses Milgraum and Simchi to introduce and acclimate the aides in question about the patient and her specific profile and needs for their overnight shifts.

Towards that end, Nurse Chemtob placed no less than eight calls to the aides to get them satisfactorily (and rapidly!) up to speed, and all from her own home, too.

“And everyone does it with a smile,” Wolhendler later said in an intra-office e-mail.  “That’s what I call a great team, and I’m proud to be a part of it!”

“As am I,” replied Mrs. Milgraum.  “Thank you, everyone!”

Later asked about the entire last-minute saga, though, Mr. Wolhendler had this to say: “It was just another typical day at Hamaspik.”