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Sen. Felder and State Doh Clarify New Parent-Aide Law With Hamaspikcare Input

April 19, 2016  

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette


Parents Can Serve as CDPAS Aides for Adults with Disabilities Living at Home


Under a bill championed by State Sen. Simcha Felder and signed into law in 2015 by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, parents are now allowed to serve as aides to their own adult children.


The Consumer Directed Personal Aide Service (CDPAS), a program of the New York State Dept. of Health (DOH), pays family members to care for loved ones.


The Medicaid program is geared for seniors and qualifying others with various special needs, allowing children and other relatives to work as personal aides for them in their own homes.


Until April, the law barred parents from serving as CDPAS aides for their kids with special needs.


After months of effort, Sen. Felder secured a critical change in CDPAS rules—allowing parents to be CDPAS aides for their own adult children living at home.


The successful effort was a response to numerous parents faced with the choice of caring for their children with disabilities at home and not going to work, or going out to work and leaving their adult children at home alone with no help (or outside help).


As is sometimes the case with new laws, or changes to existing laws, some confusion ensued with news of the Felder change.  The new law’s primary source of confusion was its apparent rule that parents could now indeed serve as aides to their own children—but only if those children were not living at home.  The age of the child and legal guardianship status were an additional stumbling block.


Amid fielding many calls from excited parents who contacted Hamaspik, HamaspikCare leadership worked closely and extensively with legal counsel and other staff at Sen. Felder’s office.


In the run-up to the change going into effect officially April 1, 2016, after weeks of communications between Sen. Felder’s team, state DOH leaders and HamaspikCare, the change—and its conditions—have finally been clarified: Parents are indeed allowed to care for their adult children with special needs who live with them at home.


“The hard work has paid off,” said HamaspikCare Downstate Regional Director Mordechai Wolhendler.  “On behalf on the Hamaspik community, thank you, Senator Felder!”


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