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Happenings Around Hamaspik

July 20, 2016

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

Residents Opt to Hop on Plane at Regional Airfield

Several residents of the Forshay Briderheim, Hamaspik of Rockland County’s first Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA), paid an exciting visit to the AERO Safety Training facility in Lincoln, New Jersey to enjoy the summer skies while not on the ground. 

The group of gentlemen converged on the tiny facility on July 20 with an eye towards renting the equipment and skills of a licensed local pilot.  But, unable to snap any high-flying shots what with a malfunctioning camera, what would the trip be worth? 

So they returned home disappointed—only to come back the next week, working electronics and all, for a decidedly elevated day.  Enjoy the view!

Digging for Summer Digs at Diggerland

Two gentlemen from the Concord Briderheim IRA, an active Hamaspik residence in Rockland County, enjoyed a visit to West Berlin, New Jersey’s Diggerland USA on July 20. 

The duo spent a good few hours operating the actual construction equipment at America’s only amusement park where children of all ages can actually ride, drive or even use (safety-modified) tractors, steam shovels and other mechanical monsters that fascinate kids and infuriate adults stuck in construction-site-induced traffic.

Heading (Flat) Out to Quebec Bar Mitzvah

Wannamaker Briderheim IRA resident Yoel wanted to go to Tosh, a Chasidic village in rural Quebec, Canada, for a nephew’s Bar Mitzvah celebration.  So Wannamaker staff took him.

Personally driving Yoel all the way up New York State’s 87 North highway to the border and beyond, Wannamaker Direct Support Professional (DSP) [name here] encountered smooth sailing—that is, if you don’t count the flat tire they experienced en route.

Being a DSP involves a lot of professional training, and a lot of diverse daily duties and experiences.  And now, deftly changing a flat in the course of supporting an individual on a trip of his personal choice is yet another one of them.

Needless to say, the equipment change was smoothly discharged in record time—and Yoel eventually had a great weekend in Tosh surrounded by loving family, friends, and one tire-changing but tireless DSP.

I’m On a Boat

The gentlemen attending Hamaspik of Orange County’s Day Habilitation (Day Hab) program enjoyed a lovely three-hour outing on July 21 on the tranquil waters of the historic Hudson River.  Departing from Peekskill, New York’s Riverfront Green Park, the group of individuals and their support staff took in the rustic natural surroundings on a sightseeing cruise boat, savoring the perfect weather and each other’s company.

Living with Summer at Rockland Men’s Day Hab

Considering the summer-camp spirit in which their local communities are now steeped, it’s no surprise that the Men’s Division of Hamaspik of Rockland County’s Day Hab program kicked off Camp Lehachayos [“to enliven”], its own day-camp-themed daily program.

The 2016 “season” began on Friday, July 15 with the guest appearance of respected community educator Rabbi Zev “Velvel” Zieg, who presided over the “camp’s” opening day by leading the gentlemen in a number of short, simple and stimulating activities like singing and jumping.

The summer program divides “Day Habbers” into two teams—which this year are Team Blue and Team Yellow—which then proceed to “compete” against each other in a summer-long list of fun activities, all in addition to and incorporating the existing daily curriculum.

“Just make sure,” Rabbi Zieg said in ending the “Opening Ceremonies,” “that whichever team you’re on is the winning team!”