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Happenings Around Hamaspik

July 19, 2016

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

I’m On a Boat, Two

Not to be outdone, or perhaps having nothing competitive whatsoever to do with the Hamaspik of Orange County Men’s Day Hab program, the Camp Neshoma boy’s summer program at Hamaspik of Rockland County also found itself this summer on a boat, too.

That summer-day-camp-themed After-school Respite (ASR) program, a yearly favorite among Rockland County children and their grateful parents, features days chock-full of exciting and stimulating camp-like activities, not to mention a daily array of educational games, both indoors and out.

Under the dedicated leadership of Boys ASR Director Joel Friedman and his Camp Neshoma “counselors” (Direct Support Professionals), the young man of Camp Neshoma Rockland found themselves decked out in life vests and riding the waves of Lake [name here] on [Date here].

That [city here], New York body of water has long been a regional recreational hotspot—and now, with Hamaspik’s Camp Neshoma taking a 15-foot canopied motorboat out on the water, too, it’s a spot for integrated, inclusive recreation, too.

Hamaspik Long Island/Queens Expands with New Staffer

Hamaspik continues its forays into serving the Long Island and Queens communities with the official announcement on Monday, August 1 of the hiring of new Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) Mrs. Yaffa Schuller.

Mrs. Schuller, a veteran MSC with eight years’ experience in disability advocacy, will be working two days a week out of Hamaspik of Kings County’s ever-busy offices in Far Rockaway, New York, a neighborhood of equally convenient location to Long Island and Queens. 

From that well-placed location, Hamaspik of Kings has been reaching out to families affected by disability for several years now—an ongoing and growing outreach effort that continues to bear fruit… and require an ever-growing employee roster to continue Hamaspik’s trademark of services excellence and exemplary MSC devotion.

Lightening the (electric-bill) burden

Ever mindful of the bottom line whilst never compromising on quality of human touch, Hamaspik continues to meld economic efficiency and emotional empathy in one unique organization.  Hard-working Hamaspik of Rockland County Development Coordinator Zalman Stein exemplified that ethos in late July by making the cost-efficient switch to LED bulbs— allowing administrative hub staff to work under brighter, greener and more-economical lights, the better to lighten the burden of those they continue to help.