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Ebola Lawsuit

November 4, 2016

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

Ohio specialty store, nurse, suing Texas hospital over Ebola

The Texas Ebola crisis ended in late 2014—but for the Dallas hospital that treated America’s one Ebola “import,” a foreign patient who died of the viral disease while under its care, it’s still under way.

Besides treating the late Thomas Eric Duncan, who fell ill with Ebola while visiting the country from Africa, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is now contending with two related lawsuits.

Two of the nurses who treated Mr. Duncan at Presbyterian, Amber Joy Vinson and Nina Pham, contracted the deadly virus despite numerous precautions—but only displayed symptoms days after being cleared for travel and other free contact with the public.

Ms. Pham is now suing Texas Health for erroneously deeming her virus-free when she was not.

Ms. Vinson, for her part, is not suing her employer for allowing her to travel—but an Ohio specialty store the nurse visited is.  Having been cleared for travel, Ms. Vinson visited Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal in her hometown Akron, Ohio two days after Duncan died.

Once the nurse came down with Ebola, federal health authorities scrambled to retrace her steps and every public contact to ensure public safety—which required the three-month shuttering of Coming Attractions. 

The specialty clothing store has since got out of business—as a direct result of public fear of visiting the “Ebola store,” according to the plaintiffs, and a closure for which the store blames the hospital.