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November 14, 2016

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

Felder Law Change Bringing HamaspikCare to More Homes

A critical change to state law spearheaded by last year by State Sen. Simcha Felder (D-17th Dist.) continues to benefit New Yorkers caring for loved ones living with them at home.

According to a HamaspikCare staffer, the popular home-care agency—which serves several communities in Brooklyn and the greater Hudson Valley—is seeing a growing number of young adults living with their families at home benefiting from HamaspikCare’s Consumer Directed Personal Aide Service (CDPAS).

That New York State Dept. of Health (DOH) program, long offered by HamaspikCare, pays non-immediate family members to serve as personal aides at home for loved ones.

However, until recently, parents of young adults with (often severe) disabilities could not legally serve as their children’s personal aides—forcing them to either pay for personal aides they couldn’t afford while they went out to work, or quit their jobs to care for their kids themselves.

With a Felder-led bill removing that hurdle signed into law in November of 2015 by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (and taking effect this past April), community advocate, fathers and mothers are no longer barred from providing CDPAS themselves.

Today, one year later, every family member but a spouse is DOH-authorized to serve as an aide through CDPAS-providing programs like HamaspikCare.

And with HamaspikCare’s leading position as the agency of choice for all things special needs, the communities it serves are responding in kind.