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Seeing things black and white

Decmber 7, 2016

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

Gross oversimplification?  Rigid thinking?  Not at Dinev.

The breaking down of concrete things and abstract concepts to two clearly contrasting choices typically carries a negative connotation.

But sometimes, it’s good to see things in black and white.

Especially when you can eat them.

In early December, Residents at Hamaspik of Orange County’s Dinev Inzerheim Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) got a taste of seeing things in black and white, as they made cookies.

But not just any cookies.

Presented primordially as plain patties and proceeding to proper palatable plasterings, the petite pastries were promptly personalized into playful phizzogs of polar-opposite pigmentation.

That’s just another way of saying they made black-and-white happy-face cookies.

When it comes to giving life your personal touch at Dinev, it turns out that you can have your cookie and eat it too.