Nysha Recent News

Fresh energies across agency divisions and positions

It’s almost as if a new era has begun at Hamaspik since Rosh Hashanah, with the arrival of more than a few new employees across the agency and its divisions.

Hamaspik of Orange County recently took on the ever-handy Aaron Bernath as its new Maintenance Manager, and Mr. Shmuel Yida Moskowitz as Director of Day Services.

With newly-tapped Day Service Coordinator Joel Greenfeld, Hamaspik of Orange County hasn’t just gotten a new employee but a whole new program, too.  Mr. Greenfeld heads up the agency’s self-explanatory new Self-Direction program, whose Brokers and Fiscal Intermediaries give individuals a high level of one-on-one, independence-oriented supports.

Former Hamaspik of Orange County employee Joel Grosz also returned to the agency in recent weeks, assuming the mantle of Quality Improvement-Training Coordinator.  The multitasking Mr. Grosz is now also serving as Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) Supervisor, overseeing several of Hamaspik’s dedicated upstate MSCs.

Mr. Grosz’s newest peer at Hamaspik of Rockland County is the newly-hired Moshe Laufer, who brings years of professional disability services experience to his job as the agency’s newest MSC Supervisor.  He joins long-running MSC Supervisor Mrs. Nechama Nissenbaum in overseeing the great daily work put in by the agency’s teams of frontline coordinators.

Mr. Laufer also oversees Hamaspik of Rockland’s extensive Community Habilitation (Comm Hab) and At-home Respite (AHR) programs, in which children and young adults with disabilities are respectively provided by Hamaspik with aides at home, or out and about in the community, to support them in achieving their personal goals. 

Both Comm Hab and AHR have been expertly handled by long-time Hamaspik staffer Mrs. Eger for several years now; she has just been joined by Ms. Mermelstein to handle both programs’ ever-growing constituency.

Speaking of Rockland MSCs, the agency’s ranks recently swelled by three: Mrs. Goldie Holczler, Mrs. Rivky Katzenstein and Mr. Abraham Markowitz.

Mrs. Holczler comes with eight years’s experience at Hamaspik’s Comm Hab program in Brooklyn.  Mrs. Katzenstein, a Chicago native, brings a degree in psychology and a background in teaching and supporting people of all ages with disabilities to the agency table. 

(Speaking of psychology, the Article 16 Clinic operated by NYSHA, Hamaspik’s support organization, recently took on new psychologist Dr. Allison Finkel to help even more people.)

The new MSCs round out the existing Hamaspik of Rockland County MSC squad of Mrs. Bloch, Ms. Gershon, Mrs. Greenwald, Mrs. Grunfeld, and Mr. Yaakov Grunwald.

Hamaspik of Rockland County collected quite the boost in high-energy enthusiasm with its recent taking on of Mr. Zev “Velvel” Zeig, a noted community youth leader, to head up its popular After-school Respite (ASR) program.

That initiative, offered by Hamaspik to the Monsey community for years now, grants parents of kids with special needs a much-needed school-day post-school respite, all while their precious kids collect further education and stimulation.

New to the crew at Hamaspik of Rockland County is the agency’s new Director of Early Intervention (EI), Mrs. Schik, who brings several years’ experience working in the early-childhood field.  Mrs. Schik now heads up Hamaspik’s critically effective “Kinderland” classroom-based and home-based EI services for infants and toddlers with various developmental delays.

Further filling out Hamaspik’s administrative offices atop the centrally located Monsey Hub commercial complex is the agency’s new bookkeeper, Eli Meisels, who joins senior bookkeeper Hershel Schwartz in keeping all the numbers lined up.  And while on the topic of bookkeeping, Hamaspik of Kings is staying on top of things with newly-hired bookkeeper Israel Greenzweig.

At Hamaspik, said one new employee, it’s not just a job—it’s helping people.

We couldn’t agree more.