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America 2016: Most Insured Ever

March 21, 2017        

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

According to freshly-crunched numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), 2016 was the first year in U.S. history in which the number of Americans with no health insurance fell below nine percent of the total population.

But the report also shows that the bulk of Americans are still covered by employer-provided private health insurance plans, and that less than five percent of the population has an Obamacare exchange plan, or private plan for individuals with no employment-based coverage.

In 2010, the report said, about 48.6 million Americans, or 16 percent of total population, lacked insurance.  By 2016, however, that number had dropped to 28.2 million, or 8.8 percent.

Here’s where Americans got their health insurance in 2016:

  • 69 percent of adults under 65 got health insurance through an employer

  • 20.3 percent of adults under 65 got public coverage such as Medicaid or the VA

  • 12.3 percent of adults under 65 had no health insurance

  • 4.8 percent of adults, or 9.4 million, got insurance via Obamacare exchanges