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Breakthrough: HamaspikCare Approved for NYC Medicaid Home Care Population

March 30, 2017        

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

With Official Nod, Agency Joins New York City’s “Big Two” CDPAP Providers

If you’re one of thousands of New York City residents on “straight” Medicaid (not Fidelis or other managed-care providers of Medicaid) and utilize CDPAP, you only had two choices of provider: Concepts of Independence, or the Chinese American Planning Council.

Until now, that is.

As of April 1, 2017, you’re able to get a personal assistant from a third non-profit servicing the five boroughs of the Big Apple: HamaspikCare.

Thanks to a newly-approved contract with the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA), HamaspikCare can now provide Medicaid’s CDPAP program to even more people.

Residents of the five boroughs on “straight” Medicaid who qualify for the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (CDPAP) will shortly be able to apply at HRA and ask for HamaspikCare.  Specifically, inquirers will be able to apply at the eight city-wide offices of CASA, the HRA subdivision that handles home care services.

The CDPAP program has long been provided by HamaspikCare and other worthy non-profits to a growing number of seniors in need who are privately insured, or covered by the numerous Medicaid managed-care plans available to many New Yorkers.

However, a sizable NYC population remains for various reasons on “straight” Medicaid, including a number of members of the communities served by HamaspikCare across Brooklyn.

Those community members now have increased access and a greater, more neighborhood-based interface with the critical HRA service, thanks to the city’s green light.

Regardless of venue, or through which Medicaid program it is obtained, the personal assistant program remains a very popular service—geared as it is for those who just need that extra hand at home or in the neighborhood but have neither “disability” nor full independence.

In the family-heavy communities of Brooklyn and the upstate Hudson Valley that are serviced by Hamaspik, marked as they are by older men and women presiding over generations of living descendants, HamaspikCare’s CDPAP program enjoys a particularly robust community demand. 

Thanks to CDPAP and its allowance for most family members to serve as aides to revered elders and other family members, hundreds of nieces and nephews, grandchildren and other relatives—or even children or parents, in some allowable situations—are now honoring beloved uncles, aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers or even parents (and, in some cases, children) by assisting them around the house, or out and about on local errands.

With the breakthrough development, years in the making, now finally happening, HamaspikCare is poised to service a vast new range of New Yorkers with disabilities.