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A Sign(ing) for Expansion: Hamaspik of Kings County Taps Contractor for New Building

March 29, 2017        

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

Hamaspik of Kings County’s state-of-the-art new headquarters expansion, featured in an artist’s rendition on the cover of the Gazette’s June 2016 edition, now has a builder!


In an official contract signing with Hamaspik of Kings County Director of Development Naftali “Tuli” Tessler on Monday, March 6, reps of the Brooklyn-based New York Major Construction Corp. wrapped up their winning bid. 


The expansion project, which will add two floors of contemporary workspaces and more to Hamaspik’s main office on Borough Park’s 14th Ave., began immediately after the March 12 Purim holiday.  Start-to-finish construction is estimated to take eight months.


The signing, like the entire project, is another indicator not just of Hamaspik’s constant dymanic growth—but of a growth driven by an ever-increasing community demand of an agency that continues to earn its trust.


Fire safety upgrade confirmed at Dinev

As Hamaspik’s only Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), Hamaspik of Orange County’s Dinev Inzerheim group home requires higher fire safety standards than those of standard Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) group homes.


While Dinev has consistently met those standards over the years, state fire safety officials did suggest several improvements at a visit a few months ago to enhance the ICF’s otherwise-compliant mandatory standards.


Those upgrades were summarily made—and confirmed at the officials’ return visit to Dinev this past February.


In separate but related news, it was not long after that visit that Hamaspik and all New York
State disability non-profits were notified by an OPWDD memo that the state agency will be upgrading its ICF fire safety rules in the near future. 


Those safety rules, known as the Life Safety Code, will now require ICFs (among other things) to keep maintenance and service logs on hand for every piece of on-site biomedical equipment needed by residents, such as nebulizers.


Because when it comes to people with disabilities and fire safety, you always want to be pushing for ever-higher levels of safety.