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On Cusp of Several New Hires, Hamaspik’s ABA Program Shifting to High Gear. Autism Therapy Program Delivering More

Anything Hamaspik does, it does well—and does right.


That value was in full effect when Hamaspik of Rockland County launched its applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to children with autism last fall.


And that hasn’t changed.


What has changed, though, is the growing number of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) now being supported by Hamaspik throughout the greater Hudson Valley region—and the number of professional Hamaspik staff on hand to treat them.


Under the diligent directorship of Mrs. Reiny Steif,  an agency mainstay for several years, Hamaspik’s Autism Services Dept. has been working with parents of kids with ASD—and working hard for parents of kids with ASD—ever since.


Since her Department’s inception, Director Steif has personally presided over the Initial Assessments of each of her program’s little beneficiaries.


Mrs. Steif has seen to it that each child under Hamaspik’s care is progressing, working over the past several months with Hamaspik’s Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Alan Blau, Ph.D. (who, of course, is also Hamaspik’s longtime resident psychologist).  A BCBA is the New York State licensed professional who draws up and directs the extensive treatment plans for patients receiving ABA services.


And given the detail, and ancillary time, required to finalize an Initial Assessment for ABA services, a number of additional cases are in the pipeline at Hamaspik’s ABA department.


However, as they wait for final approval from insurance companies to begin receiving the rigorous and repetitive ABA services, Mrs. Steif reports that parents are “excited” by their children’s near-future treatment plans as prepared by Hamaspik’s expert BCBAs—“and are looking forward to seeing real progress and real behavioral change.”


All along, Mrs. Steif has also been delivering superlative customer service, Hamaspik-style.


Because of the higher costs of applied behavior analysis, especially since a course of near-daily treatment typically runs for months (if not years), ABA involves quite a bit of paperwork and other logistics involving coverage by health insurance.


Despite New York State having one of the most ample ABA coverage policies in the country, largely due to a Nov. 2011 bill signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, qualifying for ABA—or getting reinstated if bumped from coverage due to various snafus—can be a study in tediousness.


But not at Hamaspik.


The Autism Services Director boasts well-researched resources that help her iron out insurance coverage issues related to ABA services, both in the public and private sectors.


As a result, parents of kids with ASD who are also getting ABA from Hamaspik have found not just a superlative program that delivers results for their precious children—but also a Director who functions as an insurance advocate and navigator of notable know-how.


As a result, Hamaspik’s ABA patients are being well-cared for—both those getting “paras” (specially-trained one-on-one behavioral coaches) at home and those slated to shortly be getting paras at home.


The ABA approach has been the newest trend in treating children with ASD for several years now.  It’s said to ameliorate adverse behaviors in kids with autism by repeating and reinforcing positive and otherwise desirable behaviors.

“As Director, I look forward to providing the best ABA services to your precious child,” wrote Mrs. Steif in an introductory letter to parents of existing Hamaspik beneficiaries.

Hamaspik’s Autism Services Department has been around for some time now.  And throughout it all, its ever-expanding excellence—not to mention its growth in numbers of staff and beneficiaries—has remained the same.


To apply for Hamaspik ABA services or for more information, please call Mrs. Steif, Hamaspik of Rockland County Director of ABA Services, at 845-503-0239.