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Happenings around Hamaspik

Foam Fun at 38th

Residents at the 38th St. Shvesterheim residence were positively foaming with fun this past July 16—as a rented foam machine filled their backyard with chin-deep suds!


And making it all the more fun was the welcome participation of guests from Hamaspik of Kings’ South 9th residence—38th’s very own sister Shvesterheim.


The ensuing lighthearted romp through the fluffy foam lasted all afternoon, as residents and staff alike blazed their own trails through the insubstantial substance—with impromptu rounds of Hide and Seek, Tag and other outdoor playground games filling the yard.


Refinished Floors, Redecorated Rooms at Fosse

Hamaspik of Rockland County’s Fosse Shvesterheim IRA, like 38th also a women’s group home, likewise saw action this past August—only indoors, not outside. 


Beginning August 8th, professional crews were hard at work resurfacing Fosse’s well-worn wooden main floors—restoring them to a state of shiny newness that looked like they’d only been installed yesterday.


And as if that wasn’t good enough (and for hardworking Fosse Manager Mrs. Landau and her DSP team, “good enough” is never quite good enough), Fosse’s bedrooms have been subjected to a long-overdue makeover, too.


Beds, dressers and other furniture were pulled back from walls and decked in protective plastic as professional painters roamed the rooms, roller brushes in hand, refreshing walls in bright new colors.


Once that was done, the picture was completed with the replacement of existing linens, bedspreads and the like with brand-new threads.


Updating the home’s living room—which, like the kitchen, was also repainted—were brand-new couches, which arrived Aug. 10 to replace the current worn-out seating.


Fosse has always been a home filled with life and color.  It now has the shades, hues and furniture to match.


Concord “Lion” Around Quebec

This photo isn’t “lion”—that’s a real lion!


And one that was all too happy to pose with a visiting Joel, he of Concord Briderheim fame, for a photo whose visual impact is as clear as the see-through panels containing it.


Joel opted to travel all the way to Quebec, Canada to spend the August 7-10 summer days visiting family in the rural town of Tosh.


But while in Quebec, Joel also wanted to see the sights—picking out such destinations as Montreal’s famed Biodome indoor facility featuring several faithfully-recreated world ecosystems, native wildlife included.


Accompanied by Concord Direct Support Professional (DSP) Jacob Weisz, the young man also went for a gondola ride up Quebec’s Whiteface Mountain—and also Parc Safari… where this decidedly wild photo was snapped.