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Exercising and non-exercising seniors equally sedentary: study

Gainesville, FL — A daily movement tracking study of over 1,300 seniors found that those who exercised daily still had as much “down time” as those who didn’t.


In recent years, an ever-growing number of studies have linked physical exercise and activity for seniors with health, especially in reducing risk and even progression of Alzheimer’s. 


But the new study found that even participating seniors who engaged in daily exercise or physical activity were only active 12 minutes a day more than non-exercising participants.


“Going out and exercising doesn’t necessarily budge the amount of time people are going to be sedentary in the entire day,” explains associate professor Todd Manini of the University of Florida’s Institute on Aging.  “You are not necessarily taking away from the sedentary bucket and putting it into the exercise bucket.”


The takeaway is simple: Seniors should subtract from their daily sedentary activities the same amount of time they spend on daily physical activity—ideally by replacing sedentary time with activity time.