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Lovingly cared-for Hamaspik resident impresses hospital nurse

First the bad news: A resident of Hamaspik of Orange County’s Dinev Inzerheim residence was briefly hospitalized.


But now the good news: Not only has she long since been discharged hale and hearty, but a veteran ICU nurse, whose line of work necessarily heightens sensitivity, expressed astonishment at the overall care seen in her Hamaspik patient during her stay at the hospital.


While the individual was being visited by her doting mother at the intensive care unit, the veteran nurse took the time to share her feelings.


Having worked at the facility for years, the professional told the visitor, she had never seen a patient from an assisted living facility presenting with such obvious signs of quality care.


“She expressed her wonder,” Mom later told Hamaspik staff, at what “extraordinary” care the individual was receiving at Dinev, Hamaspik’s only Intermediate Care Facility (ICF).


But for longtime Dinev Program Director Mrs. Etty Brach and staff, the numerous exacting regulations state-required for Dinev and other ICFs are well counterbalanced by the abundance of the deepest and sincerest love with which they regularly shower the home’s residents—love that now even impresses an experienced ICU nurse.