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Happenings around Hamaspik

‘Oh, yes, oh, no, there is no doubt!  The finest fire is the fire that’s out!’

That bit of doggerel comes to mind when reporting on the Kiryas Joel Fire Department (KJFD)’s recent visitors: the gentlemen attending Hamaspik’s Day Habilitation programs in Orange and Rockland Counties.


While hardly their first time at what is probably the world’s only all-Chasidic volunteer fire department, the young men getting a very hands-on tour of the several trucks at KJFD’s garage were exposed once again not just to fire-fighting but to fire prevention.


Schools, and schoolchildren of all ages, are quite the common sight at firehouses everywhere, and for good reason: you want to teach them that while firefighters are your friends, fire isn’t. 


And in visiting their friendly neighborhood firehouse, the Hamaspik contingent got to try sitting in real fire trucks, lights and all—and hear from a friendly volunteer neighborhood firefighter all about general fire safety, too.