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At Hamaspik, Chanukah Prep Means: Party Time!

At Hamaspik, Chanukah Prep Means: Party Time!

If there’s one thing that can be said about Hamaspik, it’s that it knows how to treat individuals right. 


And not just the thousands of individuals with special needs that it serves, of course—family Care providers, biological family members, and staff, too.


While the residents of Hamaspik’s dozen-plus group homes in three counties, plus the beneficiaries of Hamaspik’s far-reaching Day Hab, Com Hab, After-school Respite and Family Care programs, will surely celebrate Chanukah each in their own way, Hamaspik’s leadership proudly plays gracious host of several in-house parties of its own each year, too!


On Nov. 22, endlessly-energetic Special Events Coordinator Mrs. Brenda Katina put the official word out on this year’s slate of perennially popular Chanukah parties hosted by Hamaspik.


For pre-Chanukah Chanukah parties, biological mothers of all children in Hamaspik’s Family Care programs in Orange and Rockland Counties converged on the Valley Terrace ballroom in Monsey on Monday, Dec. 4, 2017, at 8:00 p.m.  The much-beloved Mrs. Katina presided.


Biological moms of Hamaspik of Kings County’s Family Care program likewise celebrated on Tuesday, Dec. 5 at Brooklyn’s Keser Tzvi Ballroom at 212 Wilson St. in Williamsburg.


The date for Hamaspik of Kings County’s Family Care provider party is yet to be determined.


A Monday, Dec. 11 party for all Family Care providers with Hamaspik of Orange and Rockland Counties will be held at 8:00 the Hamaspik Terrace hall at 58 Route 59 in the heart of Monsey.


And once Chanukah actually begins the night of Dec. 12, Hamaspik will rightly ensure (per long-standing custom) that none of its staff feel left out.  The annual staff appreciation event for all female staff and upper management of all three county divisions is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 18 at 12:00 p.m., and the men’s counterpart event is slated for Tuesday, Dec. 19 at noon.


At Hamaspik, after all, every precious soul is a candle (Chanukah or not). 


And from time to time, every candle needs a bit of oil.