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Hudson Valley, NYC, Long Island Agencies Increasingly Signing Up with Tri-County Care

New York State OPWDD Urging Unaffiliated Non-profits to Partner with a CCO/HH


Tri-County Care, the Care Coordination Organization/Health Home (CCO/HH) to be launched by the New York State Hamaspik Association (NYSHA) come July 2018, continues to grow.


A growing number of disability services providers throughout the greater Hudson Valley, New York City, Long Island and Capital regions have been signing up with Tri-County Care as it moves towards opening.


The New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)—Hamaspik’s long-time public-sector partner—has also recently been actively encouraging non-profit agencies that have not yet signed up with a CCO/HH to do so.


The recently-created CCO/HH entities, as reported by the Gazette in recent months, are the state’s ‘new and improved’ models for services and supports provided to people with disabilities.


Until now, Hamaspik and others like it provided only disability programs plus Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC).


Under the new CCO/HH, however, people with disabilities will continue to get their disability programs from agencies like Hamaspik and others—but will get their MSC services strictly from the CCO/HH, not from Hamaspik or others. 

Medicaid Service Coordinators with Hamaspik and other such agencies will become Care Coordinators—employees of the CCO/HHs, transferring to the new organizations.


The idea is that MSC services be independent and conflict-free—that is, the MSC connecting the serviced individual with the disability services or supports that are best for the individual, regardless of which non-profit provides those services for the individual.


The second major change under the new CCO/HH is that people with disabilities will also get medical services.


Under a groundbreaking plan created jointly with the OPWDD and the New York State Dept. of Health (DOH), Care Coordinators with the new entities will not just independently coordinate individuals’ disability services, but also coordinate a raft of new healthcare services.


Care Coordinators will tend to each individual’s needs in a more global, holistic approach.


Put otherwise, the independent new MSCs of the new CCO/HHs will ensure that each individual gets the most suitable disability housing, habilitation, employment and other services—and also the most suitable doctor, dentist or other basic medical service.


Besides building its infrastructure with newly-recruited disability non-profits, Tri-County Care is also building its infrastructure by laying the groundwork for new offices to open in time for the new CCO/HH’s full rollout in July of 2018.


That new workplace, currently in the works, will give newly-hired Tri-County Care Executive Director David Mizrahi and his team the space to work most efficiently—and to realize their new CCO/HH’s mission of conflict-free independence.