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Exciting Pre-Chanukah Party for Hamaspik of Orange County’s Women’s Group Homes

Event Held Dec. 6 at Hamaspik Terrace hall; Full Residential Staff Also in Attendance


Not only is every successful state audit of a Hamaspik program a cause for celebration, a recent one took place during a Hamaspik celebration.


On Wednesday, Dec. 6, Hamaspik of Orange County’s Bakertown Shvesterheim residence hosted a pre-Chanukah party for its sister group homes in upstate Kiryas Joel (“KJ”), New York.


The party, Chanukah-themed décor and all, was designed to usher in the holiday spirit early.  But on the same day, OPWDD auditors were also in town to audit Acres, Hamaspik’s sole men’s residence in KJ.  (Later results of that audit were flawless.)


They would also be auditing Bakertown the next day.


And since personally interviewing each resident is central to the OPWDD residential audit, the auditors chose to meet with each Bakertown resident a day early—to catch them in action out and about in the thick of community-oriented programming.


Which is exactly what Bakertown’s colorful and energetic family party was. 


Auditors thus found themselves visiting the ballroom at Hamaspik’s Administration Building that Wednesday afternoon, where they found Bakertown residents excitedly setting up the well-planned party they’d shortly be hosting.


In the days before the party, the “girls” had shopped for paper settings and decorations, along with chocolate dreidels and other goodies—and now were decking the tables and chairs in a riot of Chanukah colors.


After some 45 minutes of speaking to each individual young woman, the OPWDD officials came away “extremely impressed,” reports Bakertown Manager Mrs. Appel. 


The party then proceeded as planned.


Shortly after arriving at 5:00 p.m., guests found a hall filled with vibrant décor and the sound of joyful music playing in the background.  A cute little welcome package could be found on each seat. 


Besides Bakertown, also in attendance were residents and staff of the Seven Springs women’s IRA, as well as those of the Dinev Inzerheim Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), Hamaspik’s sole such residence.


Guests were excited to see the colorful set-up, and even more thrilled to see each other.  Once the sizable crowd of all ages was seated, fresh hot pizza and French fries were served. 


Guests next enjoyed “the Shmelky Show,” a one-man live children’s show by the costumed performer of that same stage name, laughing as “Shmelky” involved attending children in his amusing and interactive performance.  “The Shmelky Show” was followed by a delicious ice cream dessert.


By 7:30 p.m., the party was wrapping up and guests were heading home.  And for residents of the Bakertown, Dinev and Seven Springs homes, it meant going home to a residence whose incomparable standards of care and excellence were officially validated once again.