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Comm Hab Participants Practice Life Skills at Weekend Camp Retreat

Dozens of youths benefiting from Hamaspik of Orange County’s Community Habilitation (Comm Hab) program recently enjoyed an exciting self-care weekend retreat upstate.


Through Comm Hab, hundreds of people with disability—including no small number of young people—get the acclimating community exposure they need to live their best possible lives.


The Nov. 17-20 weekend event was held on the premises of Camp Nageela in South Fallsburg, New York.


The goal of the event was to further the young participants’ mainstream life skills—helping those who were determined to most need it to practice such ordinary things like making beds or setting and clearing dinner tables, among other integration, communication and social activities.


A summer camp-like atmosphere pervaded the entire event, as staff—which was one-on-one for most “campers”—turned chores things like tooth-brushing, bed-making and the like into fun activities.


Kids came home grinning ear to ear—and armed with impressive new ‘round-the-house know-how, too.