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Proactive long-term access: Seven Springs ramps it up

As with anything across Hamaspik that’s a potential problem, Hamaspik didn’t wait here for the problem.


“Here” being the Seven Springs Shvesterheim residence—specifically, its front walkway.


The 18-inch-wide concrete path to Seven Springs’ front door came with the house—and included a railing and three little front steps which residents have been navigating with ease each day.


But with residents planning to stay long-term thanks to exemplary ongoing support by Manager Mrs. Neuman, Residential Director Solomon Gelb and their teams, Hamaspik decided to give the walkway a full accessibility makeover—before it was really needed.  (While all residents are fully pedestrian, some currently use walkers or wheelchairs for prolonged outings.)


Maintenance Manager Shloime Spielman and crew replaced the aging narrow walkway, railing and front outside steps with a four-foot-wide cement ramp (lined by a supportive new handrail) seamlessly gliding from driveway to door.


The change ensures that with person-centered access, Hamaspik is on the go.