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South 9th Nurse, Staff Push Professional Care in Pulling Predawn Tooth-Pulling Shift

Getting up really early for some people is like pulling teeth.


Unless, of course, you’re the amazing Hamaspik crew at the South 9th Shvesterheim—who were on the job at 5:15 a.m. this past January 12 to transport a resident to her wisdom tooth extraction surgery appointment.


The individual in question, a worthy young lady with high maintenance needs, was shortly driven to Staten Island, where they met up with South 9th’s staff nurse to stand by as an unremarkable oral procedure was successfully performed.


But in contrast to what entered and exited the patient’s mouth, what came out of the surgical team’s mouths post-surgery was anything but unremarkable.


The hospital’s professionals, from the surgeon on down, were filled with praise for the “unbelievable” hygiene that the patient presented, reports Home Manager Mrs. Cziment.


Indeed, according to Mrs. Cziment, members of the OR team were heard commenting that they didn’t remember ever seeing a person with disability displaying that level of care.


At the end of the day, Mrs. Cziment’s opinion captures it best: It’s that sort of feedback that makes being a caregiver all worth it.