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State OCFS Leadership Visits

State OCFS Leadership Visits
Hamaspik in Rockland County

Public and Private Sector Join Forces to Discuss Common Ground

Sept. 22, '14 - Hamapsik Gazette

Acting Commissioner Sheila J. Poole of the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), accompanied by Laura Velez, Deputy Commissioner of the OCFS’s Division of Child Welfare, paid a positive and fruitful visit to Hamaspik earlier this month.
The Sept. 4 visit was “a great opportunity to come together with positive solutions for growing needs in the community,” said Meyer Wertheimer, Executive Director at Hamaspik of Rockland County.
Both the New York State OCFS and Hamaspik “share the critical goal of meeting children’s vital needs, regardless of circumstance, domestic setting, health or disability,” he added, asked where the two agencies’ missions overlap. 
The two top officials were personally welcomed by Mr. Wertheimer and the leadership teams of New York State Hamaspik Association member agencies.  Present were Hamaspik of Kings County Executive Director Joel Freund, Hamaspik of Orange County Executive Director Moses Wertheimer and HamaspikCare Executive Director Asher Katz.
A tour of Hamaspik of Rockland County’s administrative hub, located in the heart of Monsey at 58 Rt. 59, was first given to the guests, with the state officials meeting and greeting the heads and employees of the non-profits several departments personally.
A conference in Hamaspik’s onsite boardroom then followed, attended by the guests and leading Hamaspik directors.
Among the numerous topics of mutual interest discussed were various state services for children with special needs, younger kids with disabilities reaching full maturity and “aging out” of their schools and other support systems (specifically, transitioning to adult day programs), and family supports and services.
Key to that shared interest is the long-term well-being of children in difficult family circumstances, as well as the big picture of preventive and proactive care so as to negate any future problems, and, of course, healthy community integration.
Discussion also centered on managed care, the contemporary model of care delivery increasingly used by Medicaid and Medicare nationwide, especially New York State.
The visit left Hamaspik attendants with a heightened positive impression of the state agency and its mission of benevolent care, one program director said—a sentiment reflected by Mr. Wertheimer as well.
As a long-running community human-services agency, Hamaspik was familiar with the state agency and vice versa, Mr. Wertheimer noted.  “When you pay a personal visit and see it all live,” however, “it lifts your perspective to new heights,” he said.  The OFCS visit was “truly an honor.”
The takeaway from the meeting?
“Very simple,” said Wertheimer. “Every child should get the resources to reach the best in his or her life.”