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Hamaspik of Orange County Special-needs Supports Score Simultaneous Multiple Successes

Government Audits of Comm Hab, Day Hab, MSC, POC and Respite Programs Shine

May 6, '15

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

When it rains, it pours, it seems.  But in the best of ways.

Just before Passover, as Hamaspik of Orange County’s Bakertown Shvesterheim Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) was undergoing a successful audit, a battery of programs run by that agency also was undergoing successful government audits.

No less than five Hamaspik of Orange County mainstays got re-approvals in early April.

The first was the Hamaspik of Orange County Day Habilitation (Day Hab) program.

Run under the direction of Mrs. Niederman (Women’s Division) and Mr. Solomon Rabi (Men’s Division), both under the leadership of Director of Day Services Joel Glick, the Day Hab has since its inception thrown open its doors to post-high-school ladies and gentlemen who have disabilities, granting them a therapeutic and stimulating program that builds their functional skills and improves their abilities to the extent possible.

“The Day Hab site is nicely maintained and provides a comfortable setting for the individuals who attend.  The rooms are large and airy with lots of windows for sunlight,” wrote the auditors in concluding their inspection.  “A wide variety of activities occur both on site and off site, and the individuals are able to choose what they would like to participate in.  Staff are [sic] very caring and knowledgeable about the individuals they work with.  The individuals who attend the Day Hab express pleasure with being able to attend.”

That caring and knowledgeable staff body consists of Men’s Division Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) Lipa Ackerman, Moshe Berkowitz, Gedalya Feldman, Aryeh Fleishman, Shia Grusberg, Mendel Klein, Shia Teitelbaum and Yoel Weider.

The equally exemplary Women’s Division DSP team consists of Mrs. Brach, Mrs. Eckstein, Ms. Maleh, Mrs. Moskowitz, Mrs. Rappaport, Ms. Schiff, Mrs. Spielman, Ms. Stern and Ms. Weber.

Backing up those teams are agency nurse Mrs. Rachel David, RN, psychologist Alan Blau, Ph.D., MSC Supervisor Mrs. Perry Zelik, maintenance man Ezriel Spitzer, and Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSCs) Mrs. Daskal, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Seide, Ms. Trieger, Mrs. Weiss, Mr. Shimon Goldberger and Mr. Ari Rosenfeld.

At the same time, several office-based programs earned renewed approval from the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). 

These were:

·         The MSC program (see “A Day in the Life of a Hamaspik MSC”), under which devoted case workers dedicate themselves all day to the wellbeing of each individual receiving services and supports from Hamaspik.

·         The Plan of Care (POC) program, a task discharged by MSCs that entails crafting a detailed and customized document specifying how each individual will be cared for by Hamaspik

·         The Community Habilitation (Comm Hab) program, in which people turn their disabilities into abilities with the personal coaching of a Hamaspik DSP; Comm Hab has participants work on a variety of personal stated goals ranging from housekeeping to shopping to computing—and everything in between

·         The After-school Respite Program, which—as its name indicates—provides parent of children with various intellectual challenges with a stimulating and education afternoon program each day after school

Both the Comm Hab and After-school Respite Programs are directed by Mrs. Hirsch, Hamaspik of Orange County’s Comm Hab/Respite Coordinator (both also supervised by Mr. Glick).

In the immediate aftermath of their four-part review, state auditors wrote: “All records are nicely organized and contain all the necessary documentation for the service being supplied (MSC, Plan of Care, Community Hab, Respite).  Notes are detailed; MSC notes indicate Service Coordinators are active advocates for the individuals they work with.  Community Hab notes indicate how the individuals are progressing towards their goals.”

Given how hard they work, and how much they truly love what they do, the results of Hamaspik staffers’ work shouldn’t be surprising.