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Happenings Around Hamaspik

July  31, '15

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

New Maintenance Manager at Hamaspik of Orange

Always looking to make good better is something Joel Sandel lives by.

The new Hamaspik of Orange County Maintenance Manager, Joel Sandel previously worked with a security company, installing locks and low-voltage systems.

Besides bringing considerable hands-on experience to Hamaspik, Sandel brings that extra touch of sensitivity to the agency, too, having as he does a close relative with disability.

In the weeks and months to come, Sandel will be working alongside Hamaspik of Orange County Development and Engineering Director Ezriel Spitzer.

Mr. Sandel joins fellow Maintenance Managers Aaron Rubinstein of Hamaspik of Rockland and Amrom Kohn of Hamaspik of Kings in keeping everything humming and in tip-top shape across an agency that works. Welcome, Mr. Sandel!

Hamaspik of Rockland County hosts another OPWDD Front Door Event

On Wednesday, July 8, several dozen family members of individuals with disabilities gathered at the Hamaspik Terrace social hall in Monsey for another Front Door event.

The Front Door is the relatively new intake system now in use by the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), the state agency overseeing non-profits like Hamaspik. “Front Door” invokes ease of access.

Under the Front Door system, any individual with disability or their family member/advocate seeking services and supports from Hamaspik, or any OPWDDaffiliated such agency, must first attend a Front Door orientation session. The session, led by at least one OPWDD official, walks attendees through everything that the OPWDD is, familiarizing them with what the state agency offers and what services various individuals can qualify for.

Inquirers at the Hamaspik-hosted Front Door orientation event heard first-hand from Community Support Team Leader Vivian Street, a longtime highranking official with the Hudson Valley regional office of the OPWDD (and a longtime friend of Hamaspik). Accompanying her was Beth Imperial-Rogers, LMSW, Front Door Coordinator with the Hudson Valley OPWDD offices.

In addition to the majority of attendees hailing from Monsey’s sizable Orthodox Jewish community (for which a Yiddish-language Front Door welcome packet courtesy of the OPWDD was available), quite a few members of the region’s diverse communities—Haitian, Latino and others—were present, too.

Thanks to the informative presentation, attendees came away with authoritative knowledge of what the OPWDD is and what it can and will do for their loved ones—not to mention awareness of a top-notch community non-profit that brings those services and supports right to them.

New Bookkeeper for Hamaspik of Rockland County

Mr. Hershel “Hershy” Schwartz, Hamaspik of Rockland County’s newest administrative employees, brings with him substantial experience in the numbercrunching field. Those skills will serve him—and the agency he now works for—well as the agency’s inhouse bookkeeper, ensuring that payrolls are properly processed, employee benefits are well managed and that all operative numbers correctly line up down to the most detailed financial regulation. Mr. Schwartz will be working under Comptroller Solomon Wertheimer to see to it that Hamaspik’s inner workings are as superlative and seamless as its front-line services and supports to people in need. Welcome, Mr. Schwartz!