Supports and Services


  • Community Habilitation
    Personal worker to achieve daily living skill goals

    • Home Based Respite
      Relief for parents of special needs individuals

    • After School Respite
      A program for after-school hours and school off-days

    • Supplemental Day Hab Program
      Extended day program

    • "Camp Neshomah" Summer Day Program
      A children's day program during summer and winter school breaks

    • Individual Residential Alternative
      A supervised residence for individuals who need out?of?home placement

    • Individual Support Services
      Apartments and support for individuals who can live independently

    • Family Support Services
      Reimbursement for out of ordinary expenses for items or services not covered by Medicaid

    • Article 16 Clinic
      Physical therapy ? Occupational therapy ? Speech therapy ? Psychology ? Social work ? Psychiatry ? Nursing ? Nutrition

    • Environmental Modification
      Home modifications for special needs individuals

    • Day Habilitation
      Day program for adults with special needs

    • Supported Employment
      Support and coaching for individuals with disabilities to be employed and maintain employment

    • Enhanced Supported Employment
      Job developing and coaching for people with any type of disability

    • Medicaid Service Coordination
      An advocate for the individual to coordinate available benefits

    • Home Family Care
      A family to care for an individual with special needs

    • Intermediate Care Facility
      A facility for individuals who are medically involved and developmentally delayed

    • IBS
      Intensive Behavior Services

    • Plan of Care
      Support for the families of individuals with special needs